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  1. I’m a combination minimalist; moderate and rebel (if that makes any sense)! Great post btw. I think your descriptions really help people revisit what minimalism means to them and revisit their resolve. Thank you!

  2. I’m a wannabe minimalist thats what kind I am lol way too sentimental to be as minimalistic as I’d like to be. I did get rid of like 2/3 the stuff i had crammed into this tiny apt lol but theres still tons here too. One day!

    1. No worries hon, you’ve got this. I always say it comes in waves. You will get rid of a little bit now then sit with that for a while. Later you will feel like getting rid of more including things you weren’t ready to let go of the first time. Slowly slowly you will have less and less and you will feel the benefit and fall in love with simplicity. Thanks for all the support!

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