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  1. Just pointing out that yes a car is a necessity to you since you travel for work. But surprisingly a car is not a necessity for life. I quit driving in 2009 and havent looked back. And especially post covid with grocery delivery from near everywhere its much easier to survive with out it. I use medical transportation or disabled public transportation to get to my medical appointments. With as little funds as I have i cant imagine trying to pay fuel and insurance and maintenance too! Its something I never thought I could live without, before. But its actually doable!

  2. We live very simply in the country. One car and an off grid tiny home. Pantry space actually takes up more than you’d think out here as the nearest big supermarket is an hour away and flooding etc means we have to keep a few days emergency food. We wouldn’t have it any other way. If you are committed to a minimalist lifestyle you will make it happen any way you can 🙂

    1. Great point! We all need food and keeping a good pantry is always a good idea 🙂 We learned that from the Pandemic. Still, it sounds like you are keeping life simple and enjoying minimalism with practicality which is exactly what Doable Simplicity is all about!

  3. I’ve been through multiple moves in my 80 years of living in town, in developments and in the country…including 3 long-distance moves, a marriage, divorce, remarriage, 5 months in a camper between selling & buying (great way to learn about minimalism; thankfully storage unit was close when the seasons changed.) Each time I learned more about what I/we don’t really need & things my kids don’t want. My motto is ” I only “collect” dog hair and dust”. We are soon going to a double-wide with a big shed but no garagein a 55+ mobile community; the purge is on again, and I can’t wait for the simplicity of it. Hubby is having more difficulty w/ sorting through his 2 1/2 car garage, & shed – all full of cars, tools and hardware store items “we might need sometime”. I’m determined the kids won’t have to go through what we did when our parents passed. Life is too short to spend sorting through stuff!

    1. Sounds like you know the pain and freedom of letting go all too well. Why does it always seem like it’s harder for the husbands to declutter? You might want to check out my post about decluttering before a move 😉

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