apartment living room

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  1. So I admit, I have lived in 1100s/f, then 1700s/f and now 2400s/f. Has my life gotten simpler because I have more space? Not really. Now it takes me an hour just to vacuum and mop my floors, and I still have organizational issues! It is good to always step back and edit. Having more space does not always make life simple. It truly is just more to take care of. I really like your tip about experience, not souvenirs. I’ve really been enjoying your articles. One day, I wanna grow up and be like you, Jess!

    1. Thanks Aleshia. My goal w this blog is to make simplicity and organization accessible for anyone even people who have bigger homes and kids! I could never live in 400 s/f w two kids and I want to make it reasonable for anyone’s circumstances. Hopefully little things I write can help 🙂

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