apartment living room

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  1. I’m looking forward to your next article! How would I edit toys!!!! Toy organization ideas??? 🤔

  2. Aleshia thanks for you comment! I’ve been considering about toys. Because I don’t have kids I feel it’s a little hard to write about. There a lot of minimalist mom bloggers out there. But I do clean for a lot of people with kids. Editing can be hard because kids are so attached to their toys. You can try your best to help them understand that the toys they don’t play with could make someone else very happy. As for organizing, I think what ive seen work best is to make sure they have an easy by type method. Like a tub for all things legos. A tub for soft animals. A tub for dolls. A tub for other small plastic toys and and an area for big toys. Obviously the edit would help but it’s hard. I will give it further thought and write an article in the future.

  3. I think one of the things I learned early in life from my mom was to pick up after yourself. It’s one of the most important rules in our house and has been for the past 45 years!!

    1. Yep! Kids should know they should help. All in the family should help. It’s a good thing to learn for life.

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