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  1. This is a good article and somewhat helpful, but there’s too much emphasis on family. I have no family. I have no one to pass things on to, no one to share memories with, no one to tell stories to. I am aware that no one will want my stuff after I am gone, but this thought doesn’t help at all; it paralyzes me even further because I don’t want to see all my lovely things in the trash bin. Perhaps that’s something I’ve only just realized, but it’s a thought I don’t have a resolution for, and so I sit, looking around all the stuff, much of which I inherited from my mother and haven’t been able to divest myself of because of the memories.

    1. Dear Julia,
      I am sorry about the emphasis on family and the way that it affected you. I was sharing the lessons learned in the book by Margaret Magnussen. If you don’t have family maybe you have friends that would love a memory of you. One of my most precious possessions is the favorite necklace of an elderly friend that her daughter gave me. But it’s not just about when you die. It’s also about now. Swedish Death cleaning can help you find the things that are truly meaningful and special to you and bring them into your every day life so you can enjoy them. Try to focus on that!

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