old camera on top of notebooks sepia

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  1. Jessalyn, this was a great article, as always. You are an excellent writer and I always enjoy your posts! I’ve already decluttered and even lost my sentimentality, but you help me stay motivated to do more! Thank you! I don’t have children and my niece is a true minimalist. It helped me to let go of some of my sentimental childhood items knowing they would go to the thrift store if I died. I figured I should sell them now and use the money!
    I’m already 70 and my goal is to have less and less as I get older so my niece won’t have much to deal with. I’ve eliminated the small items and plan to start on some furniture next. It is very freeing to let it go!

    1. Sounds like you are on a roll Brenda! I am glad I can encourage you to keep up the good work! Remember you can keep some sentimental things that are truly meaningful! I love putting on my grammas rings 🙂

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